2019 Hajj Package 

2019 Package Info

2019 Package on the Way: 

Our package will be ready at the beginning of January.


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2019 Hajj

                             Possible Hotels for 2019

These are the hotels we are exploring for our 2019 Hajj package:


Zam Zam - 5 Star - 1 minute walk

Hilton Convention - 5 star - 3 minutes walk

Al Safwah Royale - 5 star - 1 minute walk

Swiss Hotel - 5 star - 1 minute walk


Madinah Concord - 3 minutes walk

Our 2019 Hajj Package from America will be available in January of 2019. We are also putting together our Umrah package for Ramadan. Please be patient as we are doing our best to find the best accommodations for our customers.

Our 2019 Baseline Package Includes:

- Round trip Airfare tickets from anywhere in America (1 STOP ONLY)

- Hotel stay in Makkah and Madinah

- Hajj preparation and training before leaving 

- Bus transportation from Jeddah to Makkah, Makkah to Mina, Mina to Arafat, Arafat to Musdalifa, Musdalifa back to Mina, Mina back to Makkah, Makkah to Madina and back to Jeddah Airport.

- Food is provided in Makkah hotel which is an open buffet for breakfast. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided in Mina for all 3 days. Food is provided in Arafat. Madinah hotel has open buffett for Breakfast and Dinner.  

- Languages served are English, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, and French  

- The list of scholars and imams are being finalized with the package.

- No Azizia in our packages so you do not have to deal with traffic, high taxi rates, and long walks to come to the Masjid in Makkah

- Qurbani/Zabiha along with the Individual Hajj fees are included in the package. 

- Visitation of Historical places in Madinah


We are still putting together our Hajj package for 2019. Please be patient as we put search for the best accommodations available.

Ramadan Umrah Package

- We are also preparing our Ramadan Umrah package. That package will also be ready soon.

- Our 2019 package will still include our baseline services

- Hotel will be 5 STAR hotel  

- Less than 5 MINUTES walk from Kabah

- Open breakfast & dinner buffet in Makkah & Madinah

- Upgraded tent in Mina & Air conditioning in Arafat