2018 hajj package




- 2 minute walk to Masjid Nabawi

- Ziarat of historical sites in Madina including Masjid Quba, Mount Uhud, Jannatul Baqi, Masjid Qiblatain,  

- Full breakfast & Dinner (open buffet)

2018 Hajj

- Hotel is 5 STAR Zam Zam Clock Tower Hotel 

- Less than 1 minute walk from Kabah

- Open breakfast buffet in Makkah

- Upgraded tent in Mina

- Air conditioning in Arafat

- Food service in Mina and Arafat

$7,500 (includes all fees) for 15 Days in the Holy Land


USA to Makkah

Jeddah to USA


08/14/2018 to 08/29/2018

Our 2018 Hajj Package is $7,500 from anywhere in America. This is the cheapest Hajj Package in America that includes 5 Star Hotel stay in the Zam Zam Clock Tower Hotel right outside of the Kabah. The Madina hotel is 4 stars and it's less than 2 minutes walk from the Masjid.

Our Package Includes:

- Round trip Airfare tickets from anywhere in America (1 STOP ONLY)

- Hotel stay in Makkah and Madinah

- Bus transportation from Jeddah to Makkah, Makkah to Mina, Mina to Arafat, Arafat to Musdalifa, Musdalifa back to Mina, Mina back to Makkah, Makkah to Madina and back to Jeddah Airport.

- Food is provided in Makkah hotel which is open buffet for breakfast. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is provided in Mina for all 3 days. Food is provided in Arafat. Madinah hotel have open buffett for Breakfast and Dinner.  

- Languages served are English, Arabic, Urdu, and French  

- We have 2 scholars and 1 imam that will lead the group. Mufti Sharrif from Atlanta, Imam Ibrahim Diallo from Atlanta, and Sheikh Muhammad El-Hewizy from South Dakota

- No Azizia in this package so you do not have to deal with traffic, high taxi rates, and long walks to come to the Masjid in Makkah

- Qurbani/Zabiha along with the Individual Hajj fees are included in the package. 

- Visitation of Historical places in Makkah


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    Makkah Hotel (5 STAR)             Madina Hotel (4 STAR)